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Little River Bear

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It has been a really long time since either of us have posted on this site, two years actually. In that time a lot has changed, The biggest being the birth our smart, energetic, talented, handsome son River! I know every parent feels this way about their child, but it’s true, and I am extremely proud of him.

Because I don’t believe anyone actually frequents this site (need to install analytics), I intend to start using it as a digital log of River’s achievements as a child… in addition to our home improvement projects. I shall dub these posts, “Dear River”, as I like to think he will be able to read them when he’s older.

Dear River,
I just wanted to give you a little status update on where you are as a tiny human. You enjoy dancing, drumming, being chased, carried, and hugged. Playing in the dirt and head bunting the dogs are also great past times. You stole some cars from your friend Lilah and love to drive them up down the bar stools and on the floor while making the appropriate vroom noise. You have a great appreciation of music and often walk around the house with my old iPod shuffle and earphones bobbing your head and smiling. you are also very good at pushing button on electronics, tearing pages out of books, and breaking things. You laugh and smile a lot, now that most of your teeth are in, and are a pleasure to be around, although you do have a tendency to wear us out.

Words that you speak as of today (17 months): 1.Bubba (our giant black pug) 2.bubbles 3.boo! 4.butterfly 5.butt 6.car 7.kitty 8.eye 9.nose 10.ear 11.hair 12.on 13.up 14.off 15.outside 16.socks 17.shoes 18.light 19.moon 20.stars 21.grapes 22.more 23.poo poo 24.plane 25.cracker 26.drink 27.NO! 28.dino 29.ball 30.boom 31.guitar 32.hi 33.bye 34.kiss 35.bath 36.momma 37.dada

This week we removed a section of your crib and you are now surprisingly much more fond of it. We still haven’t made it through the night without any wake ups, but it is getting closer and you are improving every night. You have begun to remove your pants and don’t really enjoy wearing a diaper so we’ve began some minor potty training with you. Until then I guess you’ll keep peeing on the floor.

I love you buddy and keep up the good work,

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